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Linguistics Student Indonesia Founded in April 2015, Linguistics Student Indonesia starts as a personal blog and continues its journey and has expanded its wings to several platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Anchor, Facebook, ResearchGate, and LinkedIn. Linguistics Student Indonesia is currently non-profit and represents its founder's personal brand. The idea of creating Linguistics Student Indonesia emanates when Suci Wulan Lestary as a Founder of this blog encounters a lot of difficulties in learning Linguistics as her specialty in college. So, she started to build Linguistics Student Indonesia while hopes that this platform could help to spread her values as a passionate individual who is attracted to linguistics as she took Indonesian Linguistics specialty as her major in college. Besides linguistics, she would also love to share her meaningful life experience. That's why the tagline: makes little things matter by learning through experience. *** Current Interest


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The internet is a blessing to our generation. Nowadays, every human on earth that is connected to the internet could interact without any time and space borders. Before I committed to becoming an essentialist, I used to complain and also hear some of my friends complain about social media platforms' content for example,

"Ugh, this platform is unexciting," or

"Ugh, I don't like the majority of people who use this platform," or

"This application sucks, so many toxic contents,"

Until I realized something, the problem is nothing but my mindset. Social media platforms are designed like an enormous canvas, and all human beings can contribute to coloring it. Including me!

Moreover, if I didn't like the platforms, why I don't stop using them?
Trust me, complaining leads us to nowhere but having a loathful heart, lol.

This is one of the main reasons that encouraging me to become a content creator because there is no way out to kill that mindset except building your system, produce the content you want using your standard, create the world you want from your point of view. Because we're all facing the facts that we can't control others.

For instance, I have a TikTok account, but instead of dance, I write there just like I do here because writing is my thing.

By becoming a content creator, I discern how social media works from a different angle. Now, I can accept that people expressing themselves in so many ways because it's out of my control, as long as they didn't harm me, then just let them do their things. All I can do is focus on my standard and responsible for all of the content that I produce and enjoy the results. Once you set a standard, you are going to find people who fit you.

I find that "focus on my growth" mindset makes me more productive because I will only pay close attention to what I build instead of concern to what other people made.

The best part about being a content creator is now I stop condescending the power of every social media platform. Nowadays, the majority of people are spending a lot of time on social media. I discern this as an opportunity for content creators.

I built this website several months ago, and now it could display advertisements and become one of my income sources. To increase the website traffic, I put my content on every social media platform I had. I learned it from Gary Vaynerchuk that tells his audience to create multiple contents on various social media platforms.

This method also prevents us from losing what we've been creating online. Why? I've watched some of the social media platforms are failed, so they have to close their platforms. This fact is like a bad dream for people who successfully growing accounts or doing online business on that platform because they also have to close it.

As a content creator, I believe that I have to become always available. That's why I am no longer underestimate the power of social media platforms because it's a requisite for me to put my contents on various digital platforms.

I highly appreciate your visit to the Linguistics Student Indonesia website. 
Linguistics Student Indonesia Founder

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