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Linguistics Student Indonesia Founded in April 2015, Linguistics Student Indonesia starts as a personal blog and continues its journey and has expanded its wings to several platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Anchor, Facebook, ResearchGate, and LinkedIn. Linguistics Student Indonesia is currently non-profit and represents its founder's personal brand. The idea of creating Linguistics Student Indonesia emanates when Suci Wulan Lestary as a Founder of this blog encounters a lot of difficulties in learning Linguistics as her specialty in college. So, she started to build Linguistics Student Indonesia while hopes that this platform could help to spread her values as a passionate individual who is attracted to linguistics as she took Indonesian Linguistics specialty as her major in college. Besides linguistics, she would also love to share her meaningful life experience. That's why the tagline: makes little things matter by learning through experience. *** Current Interest


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It started out when my Microsoft Word stopped working while I had to do my research last year. At that moment, I rarely updated my Windows OS, and it affects Microsoft Office performance. It keeps saying it's gonna expire soon. (FYI, last year I haven't installed Wi-Fi service at home) because at the beginning I think I don't really need it. That's why a problem like that arises. As a year went by, I continue working using poor tethering connections from my phone.

I am not paying attention to this issue because I was not in the right situation where I could fix it. So, I just find an alternative application. I am using WPS Office as an alternative. It suits my Windows laptop, and it's entirely free.

All is well until there's one problem emanating. When I type something on WPS Office, the Save As dialog box will appear. I hate that so much because it's somehow mentally disturbing. LOL. Yes, this problem leads to unproductivity because I stopped using WPS Office within a laptop and start to work from my phone.

If you're following this website from the very first, I guess you all know that I am not using a top-level domain as I am today. I turned it into a top-level domain about several days ago. While I built this website, another problem is coming through. Whenever I type something on my browser, the inspect element page popping up. I am both furious and frightened because if I browsed in Google with the following question: "Why inspect-element page keeps popping up?" people will say there's someone who's trying to hijack my website/computer. Obviously, this makes me overthinking, but overthinking won't solve difficulties.

I chose to try many ways in a week, I re-install my browser, blocked the pop-up ads, uninstall all plug-ins, clearing all cache and cookies, double-protect my laptop with antimalware & antivirus. I did those things, I am focused on improving my software protection.

Guess what? The problems remain still. My WPS Office still popping up the Save As dialog box, and the browser keeps popping up its inspect-element page. I became stressed but not giving-up. LOL.

I keep thinking this might be there's something wrong with my software. Even, my antimalware said I got HackTool AutoKMS malware on my laptop.

As an ordinary human, I let myself complained, "Ugh, so frustrating!" I said.
Nevertheless, I jump out into another attempt. This moment I remember my expired Microsoft Office.

"Well, maybe that's the root of all issues here," I think confidently.

At the beginning of last month, I finally installed Wi-Fi service at home. So, this time I fix all those neglected Windows update issues. Then, I uninstalled my WPS Office and start Microsoft Office as an administrator on my laptop.

"Don't be complacent! It doesn't change anything! I will bring my laptop to the service center, the freaking pop-ups both on Microsoft Word and browser are still emanating! I'm done!"

"Inhale, exhale, be patient!" I'm trying to keep myself sane. LOL.
Controlling yourself really affects your brain. You won't think clearly if you're mad.

It's 1AM early in the morning. I tried to break-down my issues. I asked myself these following questions:

1. How to open Save As dialog box on Microsoft Word and inspect-element page on a browser?
2. What is the command you usually use to trigger those?

"Easy, man. Just hits F12 on your keyboard! Wait, what? Keyboard? Yes, it's probably there is something wrong with the keyboard! Holy smokes!"

I frantically run to my make-up box to take tweezers, cotton, and 70% alcohol.

The last attempt I did was opening the F12 button on my laptop keyboard and clean the bottom surface. Voila! After I cleaned it and put it back. I find there are no more distracting pop-ups that appeared!

For the second time, I remind myself to not only think from one side and don't let overthinking kills me. Think from another perspective! From this case, I trained myself to think differently.

"If it's not the software, it's probably the hardware, et cetera, et cetera,"

Don't overthink your problems, but find an attempt. All roads lead to Rome! :)


I highly appreciate your visit to the Linguistics Student Indonesia website. 
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