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Linguistics Student Indonesia Founded in April 2015, Linguistics Student Indonesia starts as a personal blog and continues its journey and has expanded its wings to several platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Anchor, Facebook, ResearchGate, and LinkedIn. Linguistics Student Indonesia is currently non-profit and represents its founder's personal brand. The idea of creating Linguistics Student Indonesia emanates when Suci Wulan Lestary as a Founder of this blog encounters a lot of difficulties in learning Linguistics as her specialty in college. So, she started to build Linguistics Student Indonesia while hopes that this platform could help to spread her values as a passionate individual who is attracted to linguistics as she took Indonesian Linguistics specialty as her major in college. Besides linguistics, she would also love to share her meaningful life experience. That's why the tagline: makes little things matter by learning through experience. *** Current Interest


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PART TWO - Knowing the original printed manuscript is not available at the library quite screwed me, but I don't give up. I came back to the library back and forth like two or three times a week just to checked if they published the manuscript already. Until it's sunny noon on July 26th, 2018 I visited the library again. I straightly printed all the monograph information that I need from their computer on the 2nd floor. It says that I need to go to the 22nd floor, so I frantically went there while hoping that I find the original-printed manuscript. I walk around the library hall and meticulously trying to find the monograph, and....finally, I found it! At that time I almost cried because you know, I am beyond happy! I've been going to the library back and forth for several months but it's always not there.

But my anxiety about this research still continues to echo because it is time for me to figure out how to finish this research. Yeah, it is all because I really have no idea how to do it, yet alongside I was a perfectionist. I want my research to be perfect even if I knew it's not going to be perfect. I mean like, I didn't want to write something that I had no knowledge about. Also, when I finally get this done, I want people to read it and hopefully, it'd be useful for everyone who is passionate about linguistics, more specifically in syntax and tagmemic. 

This is my first research and honestly, I really have no idea how to do it. I feel like I'm a fool because I've read all the books every day yet still can't find the answers. I find all the books I need from various libraries in Jakarta, but mostly I get the references from Atmajaya University Library at Semanggi and The National Library of the Republic of Indonesia. I could say that Atmajaya Library has the best references for linguistics because there are many options for books and journals. You couldn't be able to borrow the books, yet you still be able to copy it (but it will cost you some charges obviously).

You know? I want to burst into a laugh while writing this part because it feels like I want to re-write all my research frameworks here. Well, I started my research by reading all the pages of the manuscript even if I didn't get what it was, lol. But at some point, I could recognize some differences between ancient Sundanese and modern Sundanese. It shows through the words used in that manuscript such as siya (ancient Sundanese) and sia (modern Sundanese) which means 'you' in English; kadaton (ancient Sundanese) and kadatuan (modern Sundanese) which means 'kingdom' in English; and also in that manuscript I found original Javanese word combined with Sundanese affix such as metu (means out) combined with -keun (Sundanese suffix) become metukeun which means 'to take out' in English. The last thing I recognize at first was the Sanghyang word because it is shown in the title! lol.

It was just a niche part of my research, the next thing was I need to design some instruments (in a table form) for the data reduction. I separated the paragraphs from the discourse, then separating the sentences from the paragraphs, clauses from the paragraphs, and the last part is separating phrases from the clauses. Well, I have to say that those separating activities were a very long-tiring part of this research. Alongside, I need to review all my linguistics courses by reading all my course notes about syntax, tagmemic, and semantic. It involved semantic as well, anyway. I need to review it because I really need to comprehend all the aspects that I want to use, and I realize this research needs more than I've ever learned at uni. I mean, I never had a tagmemic course at uni, I only get a slight of it in capita selecta. I said to myself, "Welcome to the jungle (of research), my dear self, and happy re-learning," lol.

[to be continued...]

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