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Linguistics Student Indonesia Founded in April 2015, Linguistics Student Indonesia starts as a personal blog and continues its journey and has expanded its wings to several platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Anchor, Facebook, ResearchGate, and LinkedIn. Linguistics Student Indonesia is currently non-profit and represents its founder's personal brand. The idea of creating Linguistics Student Indonesia emanates when Suci Wulan Lestary as a Founder of this blog encounters a lot of difficulties in learning Linguistics as her specialty in college. So, she started to build Linguistics Student Indonesia while hopes that this platform could help to spread her values as a passionate individual who is attracted to linguistics as she took Indonesian Linguistics specialty as her major in college. Besides linguistics, she would also love to share her meaningful life experience. That's why the tagline: makes little things matter by learning through experience. *** Current Interest


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I actually had a very tight deadline for my research this week, but I always spare a few minutes to write something on my journal and I always find it's exhilarating. That's why I always bring my journal everywhere I go. I'm the kind of person who loves writing so much, and I think that's the best medium for emptying what's inside my head. Also because I know that I can't always talk to someone about what I had in mind. As I grew up, I learned that it's hard to find someone who really wants to listen to you all the freaking time. So the best thing you can do is write it down and read it to yourself.

Intriguingly, my head sometimes turned into a very tangled place. When it happened, I just can't handle it. That overwhelmed feeling when tons of words and ideas that I have inside were trying to exude out of my mind. Those things are suddenly come out of nowhere and I will urgently need a pen and paper to just breakdown what's my mind trying to reveal.

I tried to create vlog lately and hoping that it would substitute the way I pour out my thoughts, yet sometimes I still find that it's kind of awkward when I have to talk in front of the camera. As well, it consumes a lot of my phone memories. Well, I guess that kind of circumstance was trying to tell me that pen and paper are still irreplaceable mind-breaker medium for me.

Besides that, I am so thankful for I can always decluttering my mind through writing. It's very fun seeing my old writings telling what I've done in my life back then. I usually write everything, both special and miserable moments that I had in life. I love the idea of documenting a moment through writing because I can always be myself when I did it. To me, the seductive nature of writing activity was because it is addictive, once I write, it feels like I can reflect plus communicate to my inner self and after I finish, I'm starting to feel that I've got another level of self-awareness. I'm going to love myself more after I finished writing. Also when I finally arrived in the future, the idea of reading all of my writings could give me a sort of joy and gratitude feeling because I was able to both enjoy the happy moments and pass the hard times too.

I have a strong feeling to shows my writings to my future husband and children. Call me old-fashioned and say everything you want! Hahaha but I think those writing stuff can be a sweet legacy for them because I believe that all my writings save my personal sentimental value and it'd make them get a glimpse of my inner self. Especially those writings that I put in my daily journal.

You know? I even wrote all the things about my digital records in a book! Like all my social media accounts on the internet, all my passwords, everything I had on the internet, I put all the information about that in one book. I did it since I realize death can call me anytime. The purpose of that book is to save all the digital traces I left on the internet, so if I pass away in the future, someone from my family can delete all of it. Well, that's probably a piece of me that I can share with you today.

Do you think I am an odd creature now? Hahaha

Anyway, thank you for allocating your time to read this stuff! See you in my next post! :)


  1. u know what, i feel like im reading myself here. i found my alter ego. if u don't mind, I'd like to know u more and talk more about ur passion on linguistics and maybe literature sometimes.
    ps. im also a linguistics student in UPi Bandung, tapi baru masuk.


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