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Linguistics Student Indonesia Founded in April 2015, Linguistics Student Indonesia starts as a personal blog and continues its journey and has expanded its wings to several platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Anchor, Facebook, ResearchGate, and LinkedIn. Linguistics Student Indonesia is currently non-profit and represents its founder's personal brand. The idea of creating Linguistics Student Indonesia emanates when Suci Wulan Lestary as a Founder of this blog encounters a lot of difficulties in learning Linguistics as her specialty in college. So, she started to build Linguistics Student Indonesia while hopes that this platform could help to spread her values as a passionate individual who is attracted to linguistics as she took Indonesian Linguistics specialty as her major in college. Besides linguistics, she would also love to share her meaningful life experience. That's why the tagline: makes little things matter by learning through experience. *** Current Interest


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I fascinated with the idea of analyzing and processing what others said to me in social meetings. I found a few people tend to be shallowing themselves by commenting on other people's appearance and business. They did it like they've no idea how to greet people with another intriguing light topics.

I've ever met someone who straightly said to me "Oh, you look skinny now!" and at the moment I really want to reply like this to her "Oh, you're wrong because I ain't look skinny, but I look like minding my own business!" but what I really do is keep my mouth shut and throw a smile to her, because if I replied like that, I would be considered as an impolite one and I just think that, I was raised better than that.

In my life, my parents never taught me to give a statement about other people's physical appearance in social meetings. So, I grew up as a person who completely has zero ideas to think about other people's physical appearance when I met them, and that's why I really love what Americans do when they meet other people. They would only say something positive like "Hey, you look great today!" or "I like your beautiful shirt!".  You know, positive words bring positive vibes, right?

I like the idea of greeting people without judging their physical appearance or interrogating about their personal life and business and let those things be their own business. I just feel I don't entitle to greet and approach them like that, because in most social situations, I tend to meet a person whom I rarely meet and I never know how their life was actually going on every day.

Another thing which also fascinates me is the idea of asking other people's life achievements. For instance, "Why are you taking so long just to finish your study at uni?" or "Why are you taking so long just to have a child after your marriage?" or "Why you love being single? Don't you want a life partner?" or "You've been in a relationship with your partner all these years, when will you marry him/her?" or "You've been built your company for several years, how much you've earned?"

I'm curious, why there are people who are feeling entitled to know every single progress in other people's life? Because in my opinion, if they voluntarily telling me about their life, that would be a nice story to hear, yet if they didn't want to tell me, I think it's just not right for me to ask.

Like when people ask some "personal life-related" questions to me and seem to judge, I would say "Who are you to judge? It doesn't matter how I look like or how long it takes for me to do something in my life, I will enjoy all the things I do in my life as long as it's fit to my life value and vision, I will only stop if it's against law and makes me a criminal, and I want to ask you back 'did I harm you?'"

Most people will shut up their mouth or asking back "Why so serious?" and I would be very glad to say "Sure, I'd be that serious because it's wasting my precious time to tell my story to you, you got my story and I didn't get anything from you except losing my precious time to tell my shit to people who only want to ask and don't contribute anything to my business,"

So, to end up this post, I would just want to tell you that, please, please, please keep your positive vibes on. It is okay to greet people in a social meeting, but please, please, please never feel entitled for asking other people's business, because it will just make no sense to you except wasting other people's time if they should explain the whole story of their life business and decisions. Instead of interrogating them, you'd better greet them and say "Hi, I hope everything in your life going well lately," or "Hi, it's nice to see you again, can you give me some advice related to (something you want to know from their perspective)?" I think it would be a very warm greeting. To me, when meeting others in social situations, self-awareness is the key, guys! Especially when you're not in a very close relationship with the person you meet.

P.S. What I mean about self-awareness is asking yourself a question, "Why his/her life could be very important to me so I need to ask him/her a question?"

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